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User Manual For find it faster Motoring 

Instructions to log in and Post an Advert:



Step 1: Click on login button on top right hand corner of website



Step 2: Enter user credentials given by administration under Username type name and under password type the given password.



Step 3: To sell a car click on sell a car on the main navigation or simply click on it under your user option panel on top right hand corner



Step 4: Select a vehicle category from the list, then select the vehicle model from the drop down






Step 5:Select a plan from the list given, (Free been the most common) once selected please click on the next button



Step 6: Fill out details of listed car. Start by inputting the vehicle address, title, price descriptions, once completed enter the agents address and click on the next button. (Please note that marked fields with red * are primary information that has to be filled)



Step 7: To upload images click on add picture box.



Step 8: Browse for images from your computer folder.Click on open once images are located.



Step 9:Click on upload button and wait for images to be uploaded, a pop up textbox will tell you when images have been successfully uploaded. Once completed click next button .



Step 10: Click on Confirm and continue to post your car on our site, or if not happy click on go back and edit link to make changes to the advert.



For Further Assistance Feel Free to Contact us :

Main Office

427 North Coast Road, Durban

Tel: 031 573 1402

Fax: 031 573 1438

Afterhours: 082 744 9204



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  1. Terence Govence, Oct 23, 2013 - Help

    Please advise who I can speak to regarding the marketing of your company. Gagasi FM has an amazing opportunity to offer you. I loo forward to your favorable response.

    Terence Govender

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